Our Auction Services

Richardson&Wrench are proudly partnered with auctionWORKS to deliver superior Auctions Services to our valued clients and network of agents.

For 162 years Richardson & Wrench has held the distinguished record of being one of the finest property auctioneers in Australia. No property firm in Australia can match the consistent track record of auction success achieved by Richardson & Wrench in all facets of property.

Auctioneering is far more than describing a property. It is timing, an ability to build immediate rapport with the buyers, a relaxed friendly attitude that makes bidders comfortable, an intimate knowledge of the product being offered and of the current market conditions that apply, a thorough understanding of real estate law and above all else, a hunger to extract the last dollar from the buying public.

AuctionWORKS with Jesse Davidson at the helm, employs the highest calibre auctioneers and are an award-winning auction team, managing to achieve some of the top industry awards in recent years. With an unparalleled level of experience and ongoing support for agents throughout the campaign, AuctionWORKS promises to deliver you outstanding results on auction day.

Our esteemed panel

Jesse Davidson
David Scholes
Mark Morrison
Jake Downs
Karen Harvey
Lorenzo Giunti
Sam Horwitz

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